About Us

DUMEDYA Advertising Agency is located in Ankara, and is a full service advertising agency. We are dedicated to ensuring that companies become successful, building strong and friendly relationships with their customers.

At DUMEDYA, for every customer, each project is different.  By thoroughly analyzing the true needs of our customers, we create campaigns that strive to make our customers successful.

The agency preferred by all, DUMEDYA has the zeal to take on any project.  This is why we are pleased to be able to introduce your company to a world-wide audience, making your products and services visible and marketable.  We do this by providing promotional activities, through various avenues, without extra effort on your end, in a controlled and professional manner.  In Ankara, and in many regions; with our knowledge and experience, creativity, enthusiasm, and tenacity we have quickly become brand solution partners with many companies and we will continue to do so. 

Our Services


Join us to create or re-create your corporate identity, starting with the emblem and logotype as it reflects your company or your organization. We will produce all material design, brand and product positioning as well as strategy development. Don’t be ordinary, be different!


Digital media, has a very significant large place in the global advertising market, while of course as DUMEDYA as advertising agency we have existing experience in this regard and we are serving our customers with our expertise.  Do join us to take your place among the professionals.


To increase the impact of your company's social media and social media monitoring we are here to support and manage all of your accounts. You are free to focus on expanding your business, while we provide you with the right social media campaigns. 


DUMEDYA provides exciting activities for the promotion of your company according to the different expectations of different sectors; professional services such as advertising-publicity, documentary and educational films, product photography.


Your company's “web site” is the internet gateway to the world.  Everyone on Earth will be able to contact you! Your company web site should represent your company in the best way.  Contact us immediately to ensure that your website is professional and unique to you!

Digital Advertising and Marketing

Digital marketing is not a sales or growth method, but a unique medium that brings us closer to our sales or growth targets with its results. As Dumedya Advertising Agency, we organize your campaigns, form your strategies and make long or short term plans in all digital channels that will reach you to your goals. With this method, we create new business channels, establish new chains and develop new business models. We reach the layers of your target audience which are never reachable and use the market more efficiently.

Let's strengthen or renew your brand's ties to the digital world. Let us bring together the advantages of uncharted or new discovery channels.

Media Planning and Purchasing

We identify the right target audiences for your brand and ensure that you reach your target audience with the most appropriate media. Following an effective media planning process, we make your media purchase at the most affordable prices.


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